Ground Protection Mats


The primary purpose of the ground guards system is to ensure that we address temporary access and ground slippage during construction to prevent large construction vehicles from being trapped in muddy, wet, unstable ground. It can also help large vehicles pass through the lawn without damage to the lawn. Mobile vehicles, construction equipment and personnel issues ensure that our products are durable, safe and easy to use, ensuring safety throughout the project. Our ground guards are designed to meet safety and minimize environmental damage and save time and project costs. With its unique and innovative design features, Henan Okay Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is rapidly becoming the world's first choice for temporary pavement mats for heavy roads. It uses a unique molding process and extrusion process to carry tens of tons or even hundreds of tons.



















*Other size can be customized,

*Thickness is 10-50mm

UHMWPE sheet|Ground mat|PE cutting board|ice rink board|Outrigger pads|UHMWPE fender


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