Rush to help Henan, let's act together--The chairman of Ouke Plastic Industry brought generators and other materials to support the victims in Wangjunzhuang, Yigou Town, Tangyin County

In recent days, the disaster situation in Henan has always moved everyone's heartstrings, and the whole country has united to fight against the disaster!

On the morning of July 24, the two chairmen of Ouke Plastic Industry, Lu Xiufeng and Shan Yunfei, took company employees to Wangjunzhuang, which was seriously affected by the disaster in Tangyin County, to express condolences.

Henan Okay Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Before that, they learned about the emergency situation of water and power cuts in Wangjunzhuang Village. When they came, they brought supplies to every household and donated a generator to the village.


A trickle flows into the sea, and a little bit of starlight illuminates the Milky Way. The torrential rains flooded people's minds, and the Ouke people and Henan tide over the difficulties!

Henan Okay Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.


Henan Okay Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Tengfei road,Yigou town,Tangyin county ,Henan.

We mainly produce UHMWPE board, UHMWPE synthetic ice rink, UHMWPE marine fender, UHMWPE outrigger pad, HDPE board, HDPE ground mat, UHMWPE liner, UHMWPE conveyor roller, irregular parts and other PE products.

Henan Okay Plastic looks forward to going farther with you together!

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