PE products perforemance

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products have high abrasion resistance, impact resistance, good self-lubricating, unique low temperature resistance, good chemical stability and superior performance, are widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, textile, papermaking, food, chemical, mechanical, electrical and other industries.

UHMWPE sheet|Ground mat|PE cutting board|ice rink board|Outrigger pads|UHMWPE fender

At present, our company's march customer feedback month is still in progress.
Among them, my company's plastic cutting board,UHMWPE synthetic ice rink board, HDPE ground mats and other PE products are favored by various industries.
PE products perforemence:
1.The durable plastic crown is four times higher than nylon 66 and ptfe, and six times higher than carbon steel.
2. The top of the impact strength column plastic is 2 times of PC, 5 times of ABC, and can maintain high toughness under liquid nitrogen temperature (-196);
3. The self-lubricating property is equivalent to the polytetrafluoroethylene, and the friction coefficient is only 0.07 -- 0.11;
4. The impact energy absorption value is the highest in all plastics and the sound attenuation is good;
5. High chemical stability, capable of resisting all kinds of corrosive medium and organic medium in a certain temperature and concentration range;
6. Strong resistance to adhesion, second only to ptfe;
7. Completely non-toxic, can be used in contact with food and medicine;
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