Ice skating is one of the most popular sports, It is fun and great for people's health, Nowadays real ice is replaced by synthetic ice gradually, Because synthetic ice rink has so many advantages.

1. Place: It can be installed or removed quickly and easily indoor or outdoor on a flat ground.

2. Size: The size is customized, We can make the size exactly according to your need.

3. Cost: Its cost for building is less than 1/5 of real ice, also less running and maintenance fee since it doesn't need water or electricity to make ice.

4. Season: It is made of composite UHMWPE material, The temperature is -269℃ to 85℃, You can enjoy the ice skating fun in any season.

5. Eco-friendly: Our material is 100% recycled, environmentally friendly.

6. Profitable: The ice rink can be rent in public and the rink fence can be used as advertising space to return revenue through sponsors.

7. Application: Synthetic ice rink for sale, rent, a theme park, bowling alleys, ski resorts, your backyards, hotels, shopping malls, hockey training center,etc.