Henan Okay Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Tengfei road,Yigou town,Tangyin county ,Henan. We are one of the largest engineering PE products manufacturer in China. We are always dedicated to Providing high performance goods and Producing new products for our customers.

We have gained many professional certificates with 20 years experience. We mainly produce UHMWPE board, UHMWPE synthetic ice rink, UHMWPE marine fender, UHMWPE outrigger pad, HDPE board, HDPE ground mat, UHMWPE liner, PE chopping board, UHMWPE conveyor roller, irregular parts and other PE products.

They are widely used in electric power, coal, mining, metallurgy, chemical plant, wharf, port and so on. They are very popular all over the world.

Looking forward to establish a long-term friendly cooperation relationship with you.

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