Conveyor Roller


Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) belt conveyor roller is a high-tech product,which consists of uhmwpe pipe,metal bearing,metal shaft, plastic bearing housing, sealing ring and so on. Compared with metal roller, uhmwpe plastic roller has many obvious advantages in performance.


UHMWPE Belt Conveyor Roller is widely used in the original dock transporting places where dust is bigger and the environment has high corrosive, such as mining, power, steel, stone materials factory, cement and coking plant, coal washing factory, salt plant, alkali plant, fertilizer factory, dock and so on.


1. Prevent the sharp objects from scoring roller surface

2. Should not be used in the temperature greater than 80 degrees

3. Shall not use force to destroy the structure and cause the loose firm ware.


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