Chopping Board


PE chopping board are referred to as profesional chefs.This kind of  cutting board has many advantages over wood board, especially in safety and hygiene,    The antibacterial function can make you feel safe to cook.These advantages of PE chopping boards letmaking cooking more interesting. PE chopping board is with high quality and low price.

 They are more strong in toughness than traditional ones and resistant to cutting stains, crazing, distortion, chipping or rotting. These advantages of PE chopping boards let them have longer service life. 

We have FDA certificate for PE chopping boards ( Certificate NO.: FDD01F001131001C ).


PE Chopping Board


Traditional wooden chopping board VS PE chopping board

PE Chopping Board



PE Chopping Board



PE Chopping Board



1. Home kitchens

2. Hotels

3. Supermarkets

4. Meat processing

5. Slaughtering plants

6. Food plants

7. Fish processing plants

8. Vegetable processing plants


PE Chopping Board


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