Ground Protection Mats


With many years experience, Henan Okay can provide you the better price and good quality.

HDPE ground mat is produced by pure high density polyethylene material, so we can say that the quality is our promise to clients. 
This kind of ground mat has strong bearing capacity, can let the transport vehicle safely through the potholes.In addition, this kind of protection mat can effectively protect the green ground undamaged, and the service life is longer. Most important is that it is very easy to move.  
Besides, Henan Okay ground mat can be used in differnent field including construction sites, golf courses, utilities, landscaping, tree care, cemeteries and so on.

High quality service:

HDPE ground protection panels provides you with professional service.

HDPE Composite Matting aims at offering our dear clients the most effective ground protection system that does the job every time at the most competitive prices. 

HDPE Plastic Mat  could both protect expensive turf and provide access and traction over mud, sand, snow and other difficult surfaces.



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