borated polyethylene neutron shielding

Borated polyethylene neutron shielding

As the company grew, we expanded our product range,Our products have gone deep into the medical industry. UHMWPE sheet and rod for body.And borated polyethylene for neutron shielding.

Today main to introduce borated polyethylene sheet for everyone.

As everyone know the Xenon rays generated by various industrial and medical X-ray equipment, and its radiation will harm to the human body and life.

In order to prevent radiation,we  Borated Polyethylene (BPE) is one of the primary materials uses for shielding Neutron Radiation.Because of its economical and practical ,this product widely used .Our standard BPE is 5% Boron by weight. 

Nuclear shielding 5%borated polyethylene sheets easy to work and wide range of shielding applications,It's the best choice for high intensity x-ray rooms,medical vaults,nuclear reactors,doors for linear accelerators,X-Ray Facilities.

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5% borate polyethylene

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