HDPE Ground Guard Mats

With the strength, durability and longevity required to navigate the toughest terrain, the ground guard mats are ideal for heavy construction, civil engineering, transportation, utilities and the oil and gas industry.
The HDPE ground guard material uses a sturdy composite polyethylene that guides the tire load over the entire ground guard, providing high-strength load carrying capacity.
Provides strong grip and forward motion for the vehicle. The mats are black or of other colors that maintain the mat's properties at low temperatures and temperatures, which means they minimize damage to the lawn and protect the vehicle.
The handles are designed on both sides, the mats are easy to configure manually, or they can be directly hoisted by a hoist, and can be connected using a plug-in steel bolt connector for quick installation.
The carrying capacity depends on the ground conditions.
The new material ground guard mats is very powerful, the hardness and toughness are relatively strong, people can lift
Reduce time wasted when vehicles or equipment sink
Stop replacing slippery, heavy, wet, rotten, broken plywood
Light weight with handle for easy handling
Free from moisture, chemicals or temperature
Easy to load, unload, store and handle
Available in a variety of sizes
Color and LOGO can be customized

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